About the LED Sign Terminal Program

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My testers are fairly happy with the latest functional testing. I have almost finished the final conversion to the new user interface, a more standard looking 'Windows Look', with standard menus.

What the program will do:
  1. Allow entering text messages.
  2. Allow editing text messages.
  3. Allow uploading messages to your LED Sign.
  4. Allow entering Display Commands:
    • Right
    • Left
    • Slide Fill
    • Jump
    • Flash
    • Flash Run
    • Scroll Up
    • Scroll Down
    • Open
    • Close
    • Big Word
    • Random
    • Set Speed
    • Pause
  5. Allow saving of prepared messages for later use.
  6. Allow retrieving saved messages for editing or uploading.
  7. Displaying of Special Characters. (Single or group on LED Sign)
  8. Selecting of Special Characters for use in editing messages.
  9. Editing the displayed characters in program. (This is because different ROM Versions have different Special Characters or slightly differently formed standard characters.)